Your Company Specific Training – More Info

This platform is designed for your company specific training for management, supervision and workers.

Normally everybody has to find required training on different web sites, different locations, all over the place.  Even on Oil Sands & Construction Training & Safety web sites, different training is in different locations.

Creating your company specific training page will be done free of charge, streamlining process of finding courses, and saving a lot of frustration to everybody.

It really does not matter from who or which web site the training is taken, so long as the correct course is taken, same courses listed on different web sites have same pricing.

Send list of the courses and who the current provider (owner or distributor of the program) is to, and it will be installed here.  There are over 650 courses listed on OSCTS web site, and there is a very good chance that we already list all the courses your organization requires, if not, we will search for courses we do not have and you require, and add them to our range.

Also if you would need advice of what course should be listed, contact us.