Fit Testers Train the Trainer


Fit Testers Train the Trainer for Qualitative Fit Testing Program

This program is designed for Fit Testers attending Train the Trainer for Qualitative (smoke, sweet or bitter solutions) Fit Testing Train the Trainer program.

Duration of the course (time can be extended if required)

  • 6 hours for 1st person
  • Additional 2 hours for any additional person

The optimum size of the group is 2 people, no more than 3 as course would extend into long hours and everybody would be tired

To prepare yourself for the course, download and watch following (CSA Standard is too big to download and was split into 3 sections)

  1. CSA Z94.4-18 Part 1 (pages 1-66)
  2. CSA Z94.4-18 Part 2 (pages 66-112)
  3. CSA Z94.4-18 Part 3 (pages 113-157)
  5. How To Measure Size of Mask


  1. Get familiar with CSA Standard, not all may apply to your work environment, read sections which apply
  2. You must get very familiar with the Power Point as you will be delivering it during presentation and to workers during fit testing
  3. Help with assessing size of the mask workers should wear, but real assessment will be during negative and positive seal test during hands-on respirators part
  4. After going through Power Point presentation first time, watch YouTube webinar explaining Respirators Assigned Protection Factor.  This is the most difficult part of delivery of the Power Point.  Watch Power Point few times to be fully knowledgeable with the content as you will be delivering it during training and later on to workers before actual fit testing

There are few parts to the training:

  • Power Point delivered by trainer
  • Power Point delivered by trainees
  • Hands-on respirators
    • Disassembling, cleaning, checking for defects, putting back
    • Negative and positive seal test
    • Re
  • Fit testing with:
    • Smoke (based  on the sense of smell)
      • Sensitivity test
      • Fit testing
    • Sweet or bitter solution with the hood (based on the sense of taste)
      • Sensitivity test
      • Fit testing
  • Respirators used during training:
    • N95
    • 3M or North (you are very welcome to bring your own respirator to the course), or if you are using different type of respirators at work, please bring your own

Dress code

Dress comfortably


There is unlimited coffee and tea available to participants during training

There is a fridge and microwave on the premisses, bring you lunch


1928 74 St. SW

Edmonton, AB, T6X 0K3

You can view some pictures of training faicility at, just scroll down.

Questions – call Cezary Giluk at 780-983-155 or email