AAA Fee for Installation/Modification of Your New Workers Orientation Program



This is a one time fee for payment for registration, or modification of your company New Workers Orientation program in “New Workers Orientation” or “New Workers Orientation – Company Specific” category.  Paid for every program installed – per program.

We will install your new workers training program in category of your choosing, and when you are satisfied, then you pay installation fee and re-curing monthly fee for carrying your program on the web site.  If you are not satisfied, we will remove your program, and you own us nothing.  When you decide that you do not want to have your program displayed, cancel re-curing monthly transaction payments.

After the program is installed and you are satisfied, proceed to the “AAA Re-Curing Monthly Billing for Displaying of Your Program” and setup monthly payment of $25.00 for carrying your training on the web site in New Workers Orientation, or New Workers Orientation – Company Specific category.

This fee applies to every training product installed on the web site.