Arc Flash Hazard Awareness OLE





This course provides general information about arc flash for people who work on or near energized circuits.

Who Needs Arc Flash Hazard Awareness Learning?

Arc Flash Hazard Awareness is intended for anyone who works with or around electricity and their supervisors and managers, health and safety committee members and representatives, and health and safety personnel


Course Outline

Understanding Arc Flash

  • What arc flash is
  • Causes
  • Hazards and Injuries
  • Codes and Standards

Arc Flash Hazard Program

  • Hazard assessment
  • Documentation
  • PPE plan
  • Safe work practices
  • Training
  • Audits
  • Responsibilities

Arc Flash Boundaries

  • Flash Protection Boundary
  • Limited Approach Boundary
  • Restricted Approach Boundary
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Arc flash hazard warning labels

Safe Work Practices

  • Electrically safe work conditions
  • Working on energized equipment
  • Tools and equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Hazard/Risk Category Classification
  • Hazard/Risk Categories and PPE
  • Flame resistant clothing
  • Arc rated clothing
  • Types of PPE
  • Multiple hazards
  • Limits of PPE