Behaviour Based Safety OLE





Behaviour Based Safety is a process that encourages workers to perform their work safely. Based on behavioural science, it involves workers observing other workers doing their jobs and giving them feedback. This course introduces workers to Behaviour Based Safety, facilitating their participation in a Behaviour Based Safety Program at their workplace.

Who Needs Behaviour Based Safety Learning?

This training is intended for all workers and supervisors

Course Outline

About BBS

  • Strategies to help workers engage in safe behaviours more frequently
  • Identify, measure, and change behaviours
  • Management and employees involved in safety process/entire workforce involved
  • Traditional safety program vs BBS
  • Employees identify and choose safe behaviours over unsafe ones
  • Target deficient behaviours that lead to incidents
  • Results of BBS

Antecedent Behaviour Consequence (ABC) Model

  • Antecedent
  • Behaviour
  • Consequences

BBS Process

  • Identify safe/desired behaviours
  • Communicate desired behaviours to workers
  • Behaviour observation and feedback system
  • Goals for improvement
  • Reinforcement