Box Cutter and Utility Knife Safety OLE





 This course provides workers general information about how to work safely with box cutters and utility knives.

Who Box Cutter and Utility Knife Safety Training?

Individuals working at a site using box cutters and related equipment and their supervisors

Course Outline


  • Importance of using safe practices
  • Hazards for users and surrounding areas
  • Different kinds
  • Different uses
  • Safety rules overview


  • Employer responsibilities
  • Training basics
  • Proper use
  • How to change the blades
  • Proper disposal of used blades
  • Safe handling of box cutting knives

Best Practices

  • Blade replacement
  • Blade disposal
  • Identifying dull blades (signs and hazards)
  • Body parts placement
  • Schedules
  • Safety tips

Injuries and Prevention

  • Anatomy of the hand and tendons
  • Ergonomics
  • Case study
  • RSI injuries
  • First aid and responding to knife injuries