Conflict Resolution OLE





 Conflict Resolution will outline behavioural approaches to conflict and explain the variety of verbal and non-verbal triggers that inflame anger and escalate hostility. We will also discuss strategies that can help employees to manage angry clients successfully.

Who Needs Conflict Resolution Training?

Conflict Resolution is aimed at helping front-line employees in the retail and hospitality business deal with conflict and disgruntled clients.

Course Outline

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

  • Definition of conflict
  • Reasons for conflict
  • Types of behavioural approaches to conflict

Client Triggers

  • Verbal
  • Non-verbal

The impact of conflict

  • Positive impact
  • Negative Impact

Proactive strategies and skills

  • Adopt a calm mindset
  • Show empathy and listen actively
  • Verbally acknowledge
  • Find common ground to agree on
  • Identify underlying needs
  • Think before responding
  • Find win/win options
  • Take preventive steps