Fall Protection OLE





20% of injuries in the workplace can be attributed to falls and if your business involves working at heights then you know how important this training is. Get your people up to speed with our Fall Protection training. Training online makes it easier for both employers and trainees alike.

Benefits for employers:

  • Simply select the employee and assign the training. No more organizing a trainer, schedules or specific down time.
  • If you have turn-over, training online cuts costs and time by 50% when getting new employees up to speed.
  • Employees get better knowledge retention since there are quizzes after each module and they can’t skip modules or slides.

Benefits for employees:

  • Able to complete training around their schedule and learn at their own pace.
  • Modules consist of voice-overs, videos and interactive slides to help engagement.
  • Able to complete a course in half the time of classroom training.

**Effecting Ontario only, as of April 1, 2015 our online Fall Protection course will no longer be valid for the Construction Industry in Ontario. Our course is still valid for all other provinces and other industries in Ontario can still use our training. If our Fall Protection course is used for anything covered under the construction regulations (in Ontario), you may be at risk. For example: If an industrial establishment has a renovation happening onsite, which involves construction and their staff who have taken our training is doing the work, the MOL would consider this Construction related, therefore this activity would fall under the construction regulations.

Course Overview

Our Fall Protection Training online provides better cost savings and more flexibility than in-class training. This course is designed to provide a foundation for learning employee responsibility and caution when working from heights is required. If fall hazards exist in your workplace, this course will help employees protect their own safety using Travel Restraint Systems, roof fall protection, safety nets, a fall protection harness, and much more. Both Fall Arrest and Fall Protection programs are covered.

  • Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems
  • General Responsibilities
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Fall Hazards and Controls
  • Inspection of Equipment
  • Donning a Harness

Who Needs Fall Protection Training?

Do your employees work in areas where fall hazards exist? Are you unfamiliar with both local and federal Fall Protection programs? Do you have the required safety nets, lifelines, and anchors for your employees? Are you experience time loss due to poor fall protection? You and your employees can benefit from our Fall Protection and Fall Arrest online training modules. A single course provides both comprehensive education and a 2-Year Fall Protection certificate.

Course Content

Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems

  • Lost time injuries & statistics
  • Fall Prevention versus Fall Arrest
  • Travel restraints
  • Fall arrest systems

General Responsibilities

  • Employers & Supervisors Workers General precautions & safe working procedures

Fall Arrest Systems

  • Anchorage or tie-off points, D plate body harness, CSA standards, D ring connecting devices, lifelines, shock absorbing lanyards, horizontal & vertical lifelines

Fall Hazards and Controls

  • Hazards due to pendulum swings
  • Planning guidelines, anchor points
  • Rescue plans

Inspection of Equipment

  • Harness, buckles, nylon straps, webbing, friction buckles, self retracting devices

Donning a Harness

  • Step by step instructions
  • Care, cleaning, life expectancy