Lone Worker Safety OLE





 Lone worker safety explores the issues surrounding working alone and measures that can be taken to reduce the risk.

Who Needs lone worker safety awareness Learning?

  • Lone workers
  • Managers of lone workers
  • Health and safety managers
  • Human resource staff

Course Outline

Overview of Working Alone

  • Definition
  • Jobs where people work alone
  • Dangers of working alone
  • Regulations

Hazard Assessment

  • Conduct when there are employees who work alone
  • Identify hazards
  • Determine level of risk
  • Factors for assessing the risk

Reducing the risk

  • Eliminate risk
  • Minimize risk
  • Training
  • Procedures
  • Supervision
  • Communication
  • Security devices

Violence Prevention

  • Risk factors
  • Workers at risk
  • Effects of violence of workers and organizations
  • Reducing the risk
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Job Design
  • Benefits of violence prevention