OSSA Fall Protection


Validity of certifications

  • 3-year expiry


  • Successful demonstration of skills and critical steps
  • 100% attendance, skills demonstration, and minimum 80% mark for written knowledge evaluation

Class Size

  • Minimum 6, Maximum 18

Course Duration

  • 8 hours in-class, includes practical component


Comprehensive full day Fall Protection course covering OSSA Code of Practice for Fall Protection and Alberta legislation.  Upon completion of the course students will have a working knowledge of how to protect themselves from falls, different types of fall protection system, learn about system components, and how to properly adjust harness.  Proper inspection of fall protection equipment and criteria for removal from the service is covered during the course.


Course Content

  • Legislation
  • Fall Protection planning
  • Types of Falls
  • Fall Distance
  • Fall Arrest protection systems
  • Fall Protection system components
  • Practical suspension in the harness and how to survive the fall


Participants Materials

  • Student Book
  • OSSA Fall Protection certificate on accomplishment of the course



780-983-0155, info@oscts.ca