Pallet Truck Safety OLE





Pallet Truck Safety training will educate you and your employees general safety measures that are involved when using pallet trucks. It will also provide information as well as operating procedures, such as driving, parking, and loading. Overall, this course provides you and your workers with the necessary information and skills to enable them to use pallet trucks efficiently and safely.

Who Needs Pallet Truck Safety training?

Any worker or driver who operate pallet trucks in the workplace.

Course Outline

Introduction to pallet trucks

  • Background
  • Benefits
  • Stability principles
  • Standard dimensions
  • Hazards

Types of pallet trucks

  • Manual/hand pallet trucks
  • Powered pallet trucks

Safe operating procedures

  • General safety measures
  • Safe operating procedures

Conducting systematic pre-shift inspection

  • Fluid inspection
  • Item/parts checklist: equipment off
  • Item/parts checklist: equipment on
  • Fault reporting

Maximizing equipment life

  • Bearings
  • Battery care
  • Hydraulic system
  • Wheels