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This online Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety Training course is designed to teach individuals strategies that are proven to decrease stress, increase resiliency, and prevent mental illness. Psychological safety is linked to physical safety and is a top priority in our world today. Mental health is the leading cause of short and long term disability therefore prevention in the workplace is vital. The THINK’n program uses a variety of different teaching methods such as animations, live videos, audio, worksheets and interactive exercises to ensure all learners can benefit from the course.

This Mental Health Prevention and Psychological Safety Training Course is the only one of its kind on the market. The THINK’n Program has been developed by top experts in the mental health field. The course teaches learners how to:

  • Manage stress, worries, low moods, and/or various emotions, increasing the ability to perform at work, school, home, or generally in life
  • Identify unhelpful thoughts that can make situations more difficult and master changing those thoughts
  • React/respond in appropriate ways to challenging situations and even everyday situations
  • Connect physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, racing heart, sweaty palms, rapid breathing, etc. to various feelings and situations encountered
  • Use relaxation strategies for better health and wellness
  • Use problem solving strategies to generate positive action to solve problems
  • Understand how exposure techniques work and use them to overcome stress, worry and fear and other emotions

THINK’n will teach you:

Module 1 – You will learn to TUNE-IN through mindfulness and self-reflection.

Module 2 – You will learn HOW your body and mind are connected.

Module 3 – You will learn how to IDENTIFY your unhelpful thoughts.

Module 4 – You will learn how to develop NEW more helpful thoughts.

Module 5 – You will learn how to KEEP calm through learning a variety of relaxation and regulation skills and coping strategies.

Module 6 – You will learn the power of practice and the importance of repeating the new skills. 

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THINK’n is an interactive and engaging web based program divided into simple short modules that teach individuals strategies proven to decrease stress, increase resiliency and prevent mental illness.
  • The THINK’n Platform can be accessed from any internet connected computer or smart phone 24/7.
  • Individuals log on with their usernames and protected passwords.
  • The Platform ensures strict privacy.
  • The modules of the Platform can be accessed at any time, even upon completion, and individual worksheets and strategies are saved for future reference.


The THINK’n program has been endorsed by Psychologists, Clinical Directors, Psychotherapists, International Engineering and Mining Companies, Industrial Manufacturing Companies, Yoga Centers and Post Secondary Institutes.