Respirable Dust Awareness OLE





 Respirable Dust Awareness provides an overview of the health hazards of respirable dust and how to control them to prevent occupational diseases.

Who Needs Respirable Dust Awareness Learning?

Employees and supervisors who work in industries or areas where dusts may present respiratory hazards.

Course Outline

Overview of Respirable Dust

  • Definitions
  • How dusts are made
  • Types of dusts
  • Where dusts are found
  • Regulations and standards

Health Effects

  • How dust enters lungs
  • Effects of dust on lungs
  • Lung diseases
  • Factors that affect development of silicosis

Hazard Recognition and Evaluation

  • Inspection
  • Sampling
  • Hazard communication

Prevention and Control

  • Elimination and substitution
  • Engineering controls
  • Administrative controls
  • Personal protective equipment