Worker H&S Awareness in Ontario OLE





 Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training will be mandatory for all workers in Ontario regardless of industry. This law goes into in effect as of July 2014. Although the Ministry of Labour offers a free course, they don’t keep track of the training records for you. Our course meets ministry standards while giving you peace of mind knowing we have all trainee records on file in case you need it.

This course will educate you on the rights and responsibilities in the workplace for employees, managers, supervisors and employers. By the end of this course you will know duties in the Internal Responsibility System and your rights about workplace hazards. This will help ensure the health and safety and over all wellbeing of not only yourself but also others around you in the workplace.

You will learn:

  • Your duties within the Internal Responsibility System
  • Your rights about workplace hazards
  • When a worker cannot be reprised
  • How to become informed about working safely
  • Ways to participate in health and safety
  • Your rights to refuse unsafe work
  • External resources for workplace health and safety

Who Needs Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training?

Employees, employers, mangers, supervisors, in all types of work environments

Course Outline

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Hazard Awareness and Control
  • Working Together
  • Obtaining Assistance

Elements of a Typical Violence Program

  • Program vs. Policy – What is the difference between the two
  • Duties and Responsibilities – Management, Employees, Risk Assessment
  • Purpose
  • Performance techniques

Hazard Awareness and Control

  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Working with machinery
  • Workplace violence
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Hazard protection
  • Safety communication
  • Roles

Working Together

  • How to participate in health and safety
  • Functions of JHSC and Health and Safety reps
  • Required postings from OHSA

Obtaining Assistance

  • Recognize the importance of working internally
  • Identify when to contact the Ministry of Labour
  • List other resources available for safety information