Working Safely with Silica OLE





 Working Safely with Silica provides an overview of the health hazards of crystalline silica as well as measures that can protect workers from exposure.

Who Needs Working Safely with Silica Learning?

Workers and supervisors who work in industries or areas where they may be exposed to crystalline silica dust.

Course Outline


  • Characteristics of silica
  • Uses of silica
  • Production of silica
  • Where silica is found
  • Regulations

Health Effects

  • How silica enters lungs
  • Effects of silica on lungs
  • Lung diseases
  • Health assessment

Identifying Silica Hazards

  • Inspection of processes that generate silica
  • Sampling
  • Safety data sheets
  • Hazard communication

Protecting Workers from Silica Exposure

  • Elimination and substitution
  • Engineering controls
  • Administrative controls
  • Personal protective equipment