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Driver Information Management
Training Record Management System
Training Matrix
Excel Reports
Email Notifications
Form and Assessment Builder
Classroom Course Management System
User Account Document Storage
Rewards Tracking
Site Inspection Management
Pre-trip Inspection System
Preventative Maintenance Tool
Central Documentation Folder System
Customizable Audit Tool
SCORM Compliance
Custom-Branded Portal*
Custom URL**
API and SSO†


One-time $2500 setup fee
Setup and annual renewal fees apply
Starting at $2500
Minimum one year contract

As part of your Premium Canadian Transportation Program subscription, your company has unlimited access to the courses listed below.


Premium Canadian Transportation Courses

  • Hours of Service
  • Weights & Dimensions
  • WHMIS 2015 & 1988
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Defensive Driving Attitudes & Fundamentals
  • Daily Trip Inspection
  • Journey Management


PureSafety (UL) Transportation Courses

  • 15-Passenger Van Safety
  • Accident & Breakdown Procedures
  • Avoiding Rear-End Collisions for Large Vehicles
  • Being a Successful Team Member
  • Compliance, Safety & Accountability for Drivers
  • Defensive Driving for Large Vehicles
  • Defensive Driving for Small Vehicles (Global)
  • Delivery Driver Safety for Food Service & Distribution
  • Distracted Driver (Global)
  • DOT Driver Compliance
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Driver Wellness
  • Extreme Driving Conditions
  • Fleet Safety
  • Hazard Communication
  • Hazard Communication – Labels
  • Hazard Communication – Safety Data Sheets
  • Hazards of Changing Lanes for Large Vehicles
  • Hazards of Changing Lanes for Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Hazards of Speeding for Large Vehicles
  • Hazards of Speeding for Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Hazards of Tailgating for Large Vehicles
  • Hazards of Tailgating for Light Commercial Vehicles
  • HazMat Transportation
  • Infectious Materials Transportation
  • Load Securement & Distribution
  • Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls (Global)
  • Reasonable Suspicion for Alcohol & Substance Abuse
  • Road Rage
  • Safe Backing & Turning
  • Safe Vehicle Operation
  • Safety Everywhere – Carbon Monoxide
  • Safety Everywhere – Dealing with Heat
  • Safety Everywhere – Fire Safety
  • Safety Everywhere – Staying Safe on Two Wheels
  • Servicing Tires & Rims
  • Stop Signs & Signals for Large Vehicles
  • Stop Signs & Signals for Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Towing Trailers
  • Vehicle & Roadside Inspections
  • Vehicle Inspection for Heavy Equipment


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