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Course Name: Arc Flash & Electrical Safety

Price: $130 CAD

Duration: Varies depending on user knowledge (average 150 minutes)

Certification: Yes

Mobile Friendly: Yes


This course is a scenario-based learning experience which challenges the user through fun and engaging storylines which they must navigate safely in order to complete the course.

Topics which the user will learn about (whether it’s by interacting with a character, using a job-aide provided, or thinking through a critical problem, or watching a video) will be decision-making skills necessary for the following:

– Introduction to electric shock

– Effects of shock on the body

– Introduction to arc flash

– Hazards associated with arc flash

– How and when you are exposed to shock and arc flash

– See how the regulations and standards impact you

– Learn about employee responsibilities

– Risk assessment procedures for shock and arc flash

– Controlling the hazards and mitigation techniques

– Emergency response for electrical incidents

Electricians must feel that the training they are taking will be useful to them in their day-to-day jobs and will help them to become better at what they do.

Leaf Electrical Safety uses these building blocks to ensure learners stay engaged throughout the entire arc flash training:

  • Learners experience the consequences of their mistakes instead of spelling it out;
  • Scenarios activate the learner’s emotions through storytelling;
  • Utilizes built-in gamification to make it more fun; and
  • Digital roleplaying bring scenarios to life.

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