Fatigue Management for Supervisors and Drivers Danatec




Participants can choose to either do the Supervisor Fatigue Program or the Driver Fatigue Program.

Employee fatigue is a major factor behind on-the-job accidents, absenteeism and lowered productivity. Tired managers and employees cost you money.

This program is specifically designed to assist drivers and organizational leaders better understand fatigue. While the major focus is driving and drivers, this is an effective fatigue informational tool for all senior managers and all drivers.

Course Outline

  • Understand the cost of driving drowsy
  • Fatigue and the Law
  • Defining fatigue
  • Understanding sleep
  • Recognizing fatigue
    • Evaluating fatigue concerns in your organization
    • Recognizing fatigue in employees
    • Questions that you can ask employees
  • Fatigue strategies
    • Strategies that work
    • Strategies that work minimally or short term
    • Strategies that do not work
    • Organizational strategies
    • Your Responsibilities

Course Details

 Length: 2 hours

Language: English

Certification: Yes

Mobile Friendly: No

Digital Badge: Yes