OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor


Validity of certifications

  • 3-year expiry


  • Successful demonstration of skills and critical steps
  • 100% attendance, and minimum 80% mark for written knowledge evaluation

Class Size

  • Minimum 6, Maximum 18

Course Duration

  • 6 hours in-class training


Comprehensive 6 hours course covering OSSA Code of Practice for Confined Space Entry/Monitor and Alberta legislation.  Upon completion of the course students will have a working knowledge of how to protect themselves from hazards associated with work in confined spaces, and how to perform duties of confined space monitor.


Course Content

  • Legislation
  • Definitions and controls of restricted and confined spaces, how to recognize them
  • Emergency response and rescue
  • Common hazards
  • Hazardous substances and energies
  • Atmospheric hazards, ventilation, purging, and inerting
  • Levels of confined spaces – definitions, hazards and protection
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
    • Level 3
  • Entry permit system
  • Duties and responsibilities of confined space monitor


Participants Materials

  • Student Book
  • OSSA Confined Space Entry/Monitor certificate on accomplishment of the course



780-983-0155, info@oscts.ca