Telehandler (vertical mast and telescoping boom forklift)


Validity of certifications

  • 3-year expiry

Equipment for the practical training

  • Equipment for the practical training needs to be supplied.  Equipment must be in safe working order and to pass pre-job inspection.  When equipment, due to unsafe conditions cannot be used, another needs to be available, or another practical training session to be organized.  It may cause additional expense for training.


  • 100% attendance, and minimum 80% mark for written knowledge evaluation, and successful accomplishment of practical component

Class Size

  • Minimum 6, Maximum 12

Course Duration

  • 6 hours in-class training
  • Practical components
    • 1 hour for pre-job inspection
    • 15-25 minutes per student for hands-on equipment awareness training (time per student depends on the type of the equipment)


6 hours in-class course covering legislation and safe operation of Telehandler.  Hazard assessment, pre-job inspection, safety concerns and rescue procedures.  Upon completion of the course students will have a knowledge of different types of Telehandlers, hazards associated with environment and operation.  Responsibilities of operators, proper pre-job inspection of equipment and when to lock equipment out due to the unsafe conditions.  Environmental hazards and safe operating techniques.

Practical components covers awareness in operation of Telehandlers (vertical mast and telescoping boom forklift).  To be certified as an operator of a particular model of Telehandler, operator’s competency training is required.  Please inquire about operator’s competency training

Course Content

  • Introduction to lift trucks
  • Vertical mast lift trucks
  • Variable reach lift trucks
  • Lift truck classification
  • General requirements
  • Operating environment
  • Lift truck selection criteria
  • General safety practices
  • Stability
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Traveling and load handling
  • Elevating personnel
  • Shutdown procedures
  • Fuel handling and storage
  • Driving, picking up and delivering load, parking
  • Pre-job inspection
  • Winter operating techniques

Competency operators training – inquire

Participants Materials

  • Student Book
  • Telehandler Operator’s certificate on accomplishment of the course